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Are you a passionate chocolatier who loves to create the best for customers? As a leading wholesale chocolate distributor since 1998, we supply high-quality chocolate delights to businesses across Sydney and Melbourne.

Our dedication to quality and variety ensures that whether you’re a pastry chef, a chocolatier, or a retailer, you’ll find premium products that your clients will love. Cafes, restaurants, food service businesses, and individuals can explore our online selection for a hassle-free ordering experience.

Wholesale Chocolate Suppliers in Melbourne

Looking to buy wholesale chocolate for your patisserie or need bulk supplies for your cafe’s desserts? Our online store makes it convenient to purchase just what you need.

We maintain a seamless supply chain that guarantees the timely delivery of your chocolate orders. With everything from classic milk and dark chocolate to more exotic infusions, we ensure every palate is catered to.

Wholesale Chocolate Suppliers to Sydney

From small boutique chocolate shops to large hospitality establishments, Foodistribute meets the needs of all businesses as wholesale chocolate suppliers.

Suppose you use Callebaut cocoa mass callets or cocoa nibs. In that case, we supply restaurants, cafes, food services, and individuals with high-quality chocolates and make it our mission to satisfy you the best.

From baking to candy-making, Foodistribute understands that consistency, reliability, and excellence set us apart as the go-to wholesale chocolate suppliers to Sydney businesses.

Wholesale Chocolate Suppliers to Sydney

We stock everything from luxurious Belgian chocolate to robust single-origin chocolates that tell the tale of their exotic origins. Additionally, we offer organic, fair trade, and dairy-free chocolates, so your business can meet the needs of every market.

Within our selection, you’ll find innovative products such as chocolate covertures perfect for tempering, chocolate chips for bakery delights, and flavourful cocoa powders for any dessert menu. Our range features novel items like flavour-infused chocolates and chocolate decorations that can transform any pastry into a masterpiece.

Why Choose Foodistribute for Wholesale Chocolate Distributor to Melbourne and Sydney?

Selecting a supplier for your chocolate needs is a critical decision for any business. Here’s why Foodistribute should be your top choice:

  • Specialty Selections: We go beyond the basics to provide outstanding specialty chocolate products.
  • Assured Quality: With brands like Callebaut and Valrhona in our catalogue, we guarantee chocolates that will elevate your offerings.
  • Comprehensive Range: Our one-stop-shop philosophy of specialty products ensures you can find everything from baking chocolates to pantry staples under one roof.
  • Convenience & Savings: Enjoy an easy online ordering system and free delivery for eligible orders.
  • Supportive Service: Our team is on standby to assist with product queries, recommendations, and after-sales support.
  • Experience & Reliability: With over 20 years in the industry, our reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Appreciate the craft of fine chocolate creations but like to experiment with others? Our inventory includes a tapestry of gourmet items, including artisan cheeses, exotic olive oils and vinegars, different types of olives, and pantry essentials.

When selecting a wholesale chocolate supplier in Melbourne or Sydney, look no further than Foodistribute. Take advantage of our product range, competitive pricing, and exceptional service today. Visit to browse our selection and place your order.

Frequently Asked Questions – Wholesale Chocolate Distributor in Sydney and Melbourne

What makes Foodistribute a reliable wholesale chocolate distributor?

Foodistribute is a reliable wholesale chocolate distributor due to its extensive product range, quality assurance, and commitment to customer service. We cater to Melbourne and Sydney, offering reputable brands like Callebaut, Belcolade and Valrhona.

What variety of chocolates does Foodistribute, a wholesale chocolate supplier in Melbourne, offer?

Foodistribute offers a broad range of chocolates to Melbourne businesses, including everything from classic milk and dark chocolate to more exotic infusions. We also offer specialist options like organic, fair trade, and dairy-free chocolates to cater to niche market segments.

Does Foodistribute, the wholesale chocolate supplier in Sydney, cater to all types of businesses?

Yes, Foodistribute is dedicated to serving all businesses in Sydney, from small boutique chocolate shops to large hospitality establishments. Our extensive product range suits various applications, such as baking, candy making, and dessert creation.

As a wholesale chocolate distributor, does Foodistribute have a minimum order amount for free delivery in Melbourne and Sydney?

Foodistribute offers free delivery options for orders over a certain threshold in most suburbs around the Sydney Metropolitan Area. This is part of our commitment to supporting our customers’ financial comfort and ensuring a hassle-free ordering experience.

Beyond chocolate, what other products does Foodistribute, the Sydney and Melbourne chocolate distributor offer?

Foodistribute extends its product range beyond chocolate. Our inventory includes a tapestry of gourmet items, including artisan cheeses, exotic olive oils and vinegar, specialty olives, and a wide array of pantry essentials, making us a one-stop supplier for all your culinary needs.

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